Alvebakken på Mårnes, Sandhornøy

Alvebakken på Mårnes drives av Freiya og Daniel Norling. De tilbyr helårig overnatting i en vikingeinspirert hytte og har en spennende liten alvebutikk med souvenirer fra Norge.


Stedet består av det lavendel-fargede hovedhuset, alvebutikken, en lavvo for aktiviteter, et drivhus med organiske produkter og et viking-inspirert rundhus som leies ut til gjester.

Hele Alvenbakken speiler verskapets store interesse for norsk folklore, alver og eventyr. De er opptatt av klima og natur og stedet er meget øko-vennlig og selvforsynt med elektrisitet via solcellepanel og vindkraft.

Alvebakken ligger 300 meter fra Flosanden.


Information in English

Alvebakken is an eco-friendly property, sun and wind powered, located on Mårnes on the island of Sandhornøy (connected to the mainland via a 300 metres bridge).

The little Fairy tale Village consists of the main lavender house, a Faery Art shop (where you will be able to purchase all the Norwegian souvenirs you might need and lots of art from all over the world), a Nature house (lavvu) where you can do lots of extra activities, a greenhouse you can visit and harvest yourself fresh organic food from and cook it comfortably in the basic kitchen in the roundhouse and the rental Viking roundhouse for guests.

The roundhouse/Viking hytte has a quirky interior design which reflects a deep passion for Norwegian folklore and Faery tales, you will find severeal of these accents in it (like Faery and troll figures or wall hangings). Alvebakken has tried to incorporate lots of nature elements like a huge tree in the centre of the roundhouse and branches or twigs as details spread inside the roundhouse.

The hosts at Alvebakken are big Nature, mythology and folklore lovers and this passion is very tangible both in the rental roundhouse design and in all the structures present at Alvebakken (translates The Faery Hill).

Wardruna video-shoot

The island where the roundhouse is located has many scenic spots and the world renowned Norwegian band Wardruna chose to shoot their very first music video here and Alvebakken hosted the shooting of their first music video for their song Raido.

Thanks to this video this island has received over 3 millions views on you tube!

The accommodation

The kitchen has a basic gas cooker where you can cook your food for yourself, and a fridge. Alvebakken also offer meals for an extra cost, many guests is happy to try the Norwegian cousin.

There is a grocery shop some minutes away from the roundhouse where you can buy groceries and store them in the roundhouse fridge.

The Roundhouse has a bathroom with window, sink, large mirror, a full size shower, and a simple standard camper toilet system we decorated with a stunning handmade bench.

Please note in case of allergy – dogs in the house:

The family at Alvebakken also has two beautiful dogs: a 3 years old husky and an 11 years old chihuahua. They are very friendly,  and are always around, but they will never enter the roundhouse.